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About Risk Skills Center

Risk Skills Center teaches busy executives how to turn risk into reward by making better decisions for better results.  Founded by Ed Kempkey, author of the international #1 bestselling book, The Five Conversations Of Highly Effective Management Teams, there are three leaning tracks from which to choose.

The Managing Uncertainty System Online Course is for the individual in the organization who wants to take a leadership role in implementing an effective risk management program.  Patterned after the book, the course is comprised of five modules, one for each of the conversations in which you and your team will participate.  Included are downloadable documents and worksheets that will enable you to brief the participants on each step ahead of time so they can come prepared to the sessions.

The Decision SMART Online Training is the perfect complement to the Managing Uncertainty System.  It teaches decision makers how to avoid errors when dealing with judgement under uncertainty, how to recognize and overcome problems associated with group decision-making, and how groups can make decisions faster and better.

The Risk Assessment Workshop combines learning and team building while identifying, evaluating and responding to your organizations unique risks.  Ed Kempkey will facilitate your risk assessment workshop using his Managing Uncertainty System.  Your team will gain a deep understanding of what your organization seeks to achieve, as well as a realistic view of the challenges and opportunities it faces.  Efficiently delivered, it includes all the reference materials and support you need to implement and sustain a successful program.

Contact information:

Ed Kempkey, CRM, CT 31000
1500 Third Street, Suite B
Napa, CA 94559
(707) 265-2188
Email ed@riskskillscenter.com